The French call this a "croque madame" and we call it a "hot ham and cheese" like we crawled out of a well, starving and delusional. I suppose it deserves to be called something a little more elegant than a hot ham sandwich. The croque does have some finesse and subtlety to it - béchamel, a poached egg. The composition of the croque itself is wonderful. The dijon, the nutmeg in the bechamel, the gruyere - all of it together forms the word 'decadent.' Jordan Doll and I were so taken back by how good it was, after we finished eating we immediately walked to the store to buy cigarettes like monkeys.  Here are some random cooking thoughts I had while serving up croques Sunday night:

- I've been poaching all of my eggs lately because I currently don't own an omelette pan. I don't trust most pans. Invest in a good omelette pan.

- Poached eggs don't make for the best photos. You don't really get to see the yolk. This croque is white on white - nothing really pops. But, also, this might be the most accurate presentation of a croque. It is apologetically one of the whitest things you can eat. Also, in Pittsburgh they call sunny side up "dippy eggs." Primitive.

- Everything calls for Dijon. Always have Dijon on hand.

- I can't remember the last time I used a broiler at home but, Jesus Christ, why is it at the BOTTOM of my fucking oven? I had to sit on the floor and hold the pan underneath the broiler for a few minutes like a dummy.

Here's a good video if you want to make a croque.